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Photo by Beth V Photography

Photo by Beth V Photography

  • Where I’m from:  Originally I’m from Middleton Idaho (a single-stoplight town outside of Boise).  I grew up in a small country town on several acres of land with my incredibly domestic mom and my wanna-be cowboy dad and 4 brothers and sisters.  Skip ahead several years, add a handsome hubby and 3 wild and crazy kiddos, and I now live in a several-stoplight city outside of Houston Texas.
    Middleton Idaho

    Middleton Idaho


  • Why I started blogging:  I started this blog a long while ago in an attempt to put some meaning behind my madness.  I wanted a space to catalog all of my creating and crafting and decorating and photography…etc… Since its birth, its evolved into a creative teaching space as well as a personal portfolio. I am passionate about living a creative life and the blog is a place where I can do that and also show others how to do the same. It helps me get all my little ideas out of my crazy brain and lets me justify them because you good folks are reading and hopefully being inspired.sccaboutcollage1
  • Other things I’m in to:  Besides blogging at See Cate Create, I still take on interior decorating jobs, do photography work, and sometimes teach casual-style painting classes on nights and weekends.  I also love writing music, singing, and playing the guitar, ukulele, and the piano. Often with my guitar playing husband in our kitchen after the kids go to bed. I love eating great food, watching funny shows, doing things outdoors, working hard with my own two hands, jogging, hanging out with friends, playing with my kids, throwing parties, doing anything that involves the water, thrift-shopping, and dancing poorly but with enthusiasm.swimming fun
  • About the lovely people in my life:  I am lucky enough to be married to a man who has known me since I was a toddler and has seen me go through all the various awkward phases of life. His name is Daniel and he was my best friend as a kid. Moving away separated us for years, but we never lost touch and our families remained close. We reconnected in college and were quickly moved out of the “friend-zone”. As of August 2015 we have been married for 10 years. I’m so proud of who he has evolved into and I’m more in love with him now than ever. My mom says he is the anchor in my life and I am the sail in his. I think she is right.lovely couple
      Peyton is our oldest son with wavy red hair and the most adorable freckles. He is silly, and wiggly, and has an incredibly kind heart. He was born severely premature by emergency c-section when he was just 24 weeks gestation.  Peyton weighed 1 lb. 7 oz. and stayed in the NICU for 4 months, eventually coming home on oxygen and an apnea monitor.  He is a true miracle and is now a healthy and happy kid who reminds me everyday how precious life really is.  Read his dramatic birth story here.
      Sawyer is our middle child and second son. He was born after a long and stressful high-risk pregnancy that involved bed-rest and weekly shots among other things.  Sawyer has light brown hair and big blue eyes framed in long black eyelashes. He is shy and quite dramatic but he has the most infectious laugh and gets away with far too much due to his adorably handsome good looks. Despite being Peyton’s opposite, they are bunk-bedding best-friend brothers. Read his birth story here.

      Finley is the baby of the bunch. She also was a high-risk pregnancy but everything went smoothly for the most part and she was born after an incredibly fast labor. She the little toasted nut of the family with olive skin and curly caramel hair and her daddy’s brown eyes. She is incredibly active, climbing anything and everything she can find. Finley is fearless and loud, loves to dance to any beat within earshot, loves the water, and does her best to keep up with her wild older brothers. She hates hair-bows and lace, loves the jogging stroller, and is a fantastic sleeper. Her name “Finley” was decided upon because we “finally” got a girl and in musical terms “fin” means “the end”. So Finley= finally the end. :) Read her birth story here.

    Photo by Beth V Photography

    Photo by Beth V Photography

  • What inspires me:  I draw inspiration from just about ANYWHERE.  I find inspiration online, at thrift stores, at the grocery store, lying in bed staring at the ceiling…everywhere and everything inspires me.  I love creating beautiful, unique, and interesting things with beautiful, unique, and inexpensive materials.
  • What I want everyone to know:  I want everyone to know that if I can do it, they can do it. I don’t think any of us really realize what kind of potential we have. The ability to create great work is within us all but it often gets forgotten among the busy-work and stresses. Its ok to fail a few times, its actually necessary. But don’t give up on creating. Life is about being creative and leaving your beautiful, wonderful, and unique mark. 

Thanks for taking a look at my little blog!  I hope you love what you find here and come back for more!




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Cate August 16, 2014 at 11:40 pm

Awesome stuff. My name is Cate as well and I’m skilled in many trades too. No tutorials though.


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